Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Formerly the working quarters of this stately farm house, the lower level still connects to the stables but now serves as a private apartment for guests. This project is for a family with relations and friends from all over the world who often stay for extended periods. FORMWORK was tasked with developing a design that was casual but luxurious, refined but not ostentatious.

The idea started with a sorting by quality existing materials in the space. Wood panels where tools once hung were considered an asset while cracking vinyl tiles covering portions of the floor were not. Working from these assets we augmented existing, rehabilitated finishes with minimal architectonic elements.

This project was mainly built by the clients and the craftspeople with whom they have developed relationships through the years. The kitchen cabinetry was built by Charlottesville Woodworks and custom upholstery by Simin's Custom Sewing.
Photography: Scott Smith