Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
This residence is composed of a studio building and main house, with a rear garden abuting The Dell at the University of Virginia. The site of a park, woodland and the UVa cemetery, the Dell comprises a rich landscape. This adjacency was particularly important to the clients, one of whom is a landscape architect. The project was originally anticipated as an addition and renovation for scholar clients, each with a large library. After a survey of the property and use of existing spaces, FORMWORK proposed that the configuration could be better utilized through design, and that the house should shrink. On the street side of the site, the existing interior spaces worked nicely; on the Dell side of the house, the spaces had been cut into and modified in a succession of renovations. FORMWORK proposed minor work on the street side and more substantial changes to the Dell side. Starting with the removal of a small addition that projected from the building on the Dell side we created a broad, clean face toward the Dell allowing for unobstructed views onto the park. Next, we consolidated several of the spaces along the Dell into fewer, more generous rooms illuminated by large openings onto the Dell. A thickened wall of bookcases formed the spine of the buildings between the two landscape conditions.

This project was built by Vlad Wojcik of Greer & Associates (general contractor).
Photography: Scott Smith