cecilia hernandez nichols

Cecilia Hernandez Nichols has over thirty years experience working in architecture and is responsible for the design of Formwork’s projects which vary widely in scale, type and context. Cecilia earned a Master of Architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts in Design of the Environment from the University of Pennsylvania. Her previous experience includes a partnership with Rene Gonzalez in Design Associates, Miami and a partnership with Margaret Ikeda and Evan Jones in Assembly, a design-build practice in Berkeley, California. Cecilia has taught design studios at the University of Virginia’s School of Architecture and at Florida International University as a lecturer. Her design work focuses on creating beauty from the natural patterns of our behavior, a desire to distort the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, an interest in exploiting craft and an understanding of the inherent sensual qualities of materials. Cecilia has an abiding faith in the power of strong architectural ideas to transform our lives for the better.


robert nichols

Robert Nichols has over twenty five years of experience in the fields of construction and architecture.  Robert is the managing partner of FORMWORK and is also responsible for
the design integration and coordination of all building systems.  Robert earned a Master
of Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Art History from Bucknell University and is a regular member of architectural juries at schools
of architecture.  His previous experience includes work with William McDonough & Partners.  Robert came to architecture late in his career after working in finance in New York and Cleveland, in construction in Guatemala and as an editor at NPR in Washington DC.  Setting the direction for the firm and for individual projects, Robert’s previous experiences bring an invaluable voice of clarity and a unique set of perspectives that help navigate negotiations and to organize decision making with and on behalf of our clients with success.  Robert’s understanding of materials, methods and systems is key to drilling down into any design so that the larger architectural concepts are carried through to well crafted buildings.


andrew brown

Andrew Brown joined the practice in 2012 as an intern architect. Andrew earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Florida in Gainesville.  After an eight year career in sports, Andrew decided to pursue an architectural career.  Subsequently he brings a tenacious, methodical and dedicated spirit to his work which suits his strength in minimalist design and detailing. Andrew is also a lecturer at the University of Virginia's School of Architecture teaching design studio.