Location: Charlottesville, Virginia
Working with some of the world's most exciting musical acts, this company worked out of a series of rural buildings at a large farm in the outskirts of Charlottesville for the years preceding the move to the center of town. Moving to the top floor of a building on the Downtown Mall was a very big change in the work environment. The concept for the project had two parts, both meant to speak to the contemplative nature of working in a rural setting. The first was to design a series of simple maple boxes with clean white interiors as the individual work spaces. These are an homage to Donald Judd's minimalist work. The second was to feature at the center of the large work space, a work of art by Lara Call Gastinger, a botanical artist, who spent time at the original farm drawing its oak trees to make a piece that was transferred at a large scale onto fabric panels. This large botanical box at the center of the project was a meeting space and a music library showcasing the artists represented by Red Light Management.

Custom millwork and upholstery by M21 Industries in Dayton, Ohio.
Photography: Scott Smith